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Our customers can attest that we help streamline the process to get you paid as quickly as possible and take the stress out of it. We come with over 7 years of experience in Construction Lien and Contract Law and continue to stay up to date with advancements in the field.

With Need2Lien, we know that all contractors need to protect and secure their payment and a Construction Lien can be a very powerful tool to entice payment, sometimes even more powerful than an attorney. We don’t want the high price of hiring an attorney to stop you from going after your hard-earned money.


We offer an advanced platform that will help secure your payment - all you need to do is input your information, and we will take care of the rest. What we need from you is to remember your lien deadline date and to send in your lien request at least 5 days prior to the deadline. That’s it! Aside from the filing fee, which is out of our control, we have calculated all other costs into our price, which allows us to be one of the most cost-effective lien service providers you'll find.

Our goal here at Need2Lien is to protect your rights because every project, no matter the size, should be paid in full.

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